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Construction Equipment Safety Tips

Staying safe around heavy equipment is everyone’s business. So is sharing information on construction equipment safety tips. The best companies with the strongest safety records have a corporate culture where safety is the way they do business. They’ve built their safety record on a behavioral-based approach where they allow workers to commit to safety rather than being merely compliant to regulations.

Safety-minded cultures encourage all workers to identify barriers to safety and work as a team to remove them. They communicate all workplace hazards and educate workers on hazards around construction machinery as well.

It’s an ongoing process to identify and control job site hazards. Often, situations change on a site as work progresses, and it’s important to communicate evolving conditions. However, there are many situations where workers face the same hazards from day to day. Here are some of the proven and reliable safety tips that benefit all those working around heavy equipment


  • Perform routine maintenance.
  • Provide training.
  • Develop certification processes
  • Use equipment only for its intended purpose
  • Ensure familiarity with the operator manual.
  • Ensure personal protective equipment is used
  • Wear a seat belt
  • De-energize energy sources when possible
  • Exercise caution and proper procedures when fueling
  • Ensure proper braking and blocking


  • Stay out of the line-of-fire
  • Make eye contact.
  • Use effective communication signals.
  • Have spotters.
  • Identify and mark a danger zone.
  • Ensure situational awareness
  • Keep eyes and mind on task.
  • Identify entrances and exits of equipment zones.
  • Conduct regular equipment inspections
  • Perform routine maintenance.

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